Best hospitality phrases to make your guest comfortable

“Customer Service” is a term that too frequently is used as a catch-all for the experience received or given in today’s business world. But what customer service is to me may be different from what it is to you and what you expect, or tolerate.

The hospitality and comfort of the guests in any hotel is a great concern for every hotel owner. Words we use to the guests in the hotel have a great impact on the guest experience and the reputation of the hotel. Every hotel owner wants to attract as many guests as possible by using best hospitality phrases. Additionally, these phrases can also be customised for use by any hotel aims to maintain close relations to the guests at any given time.

Attractive, welcoming and friendly and appropriate phrases when handling the guest supports good rapport and build close relationships for future enabling word of mouth referrals. Trip Advisor hospitality is of great importance that helps to promote confidence in the services tendered in the hotel.

Hospitality Phrases to use addressing guests

The sweetest word in the guest’s vocabulary is his or her own NAME and it creates for the guest self importance and recognition. and when you are addressing the wife or husband, use the surname e.g. “Mr Tan, Mrs Tan has already signed.”

f you do not know the guest’s name, address him or her as Sir or Madam and If you are addressing children, address them as Young Man / Young Gentleman or Young Lady and always refrain from using “KIDS” while addressing children

Hospitality Phrases to use while welcoming guests

Welcoming the guests is one of the greatest techniques that makes the guest to feel appreciated and makes the first interaction most appropriate. Welcoming the guest in an appropriate way and use phrases such as “welcome to your second home in the hotel”, you are most welcome, at your on comfort” help to build good rapport with the guest. The staff in the hotel should use the phrases build up good relationship with the guests from the start.

Asking guests on arrival “would you like to have a bottle of water”, makes guests feel special.If the guest feels unwelcomed in the hotel, they may prefer other places where their presence is recognized on future visits.

Hospitality Phrases to use while guests are staying in hotel

Use of thank you to the guests is also an important phrase that makes the guest feel happy in the hotel. The services offered in the hotel are not for free but the customer pays in return. It is of great essence to acknowledge that the guest would have preferred other places thus it is important to make their money of worth. The staff in the hotel should always use the word “thank you” often in every instance of service delivery.

It is always advised to ask guests “How are your guests today” and you can use phrases such as “it is my pleasure to serve you”, “it is my pleasure to have you here” and “it is my pleasure attending to you.” Such phrases help to make the guest feel happy that because they receive the services with good heart. The guests also feels that the hotel acknowledges them and they are doing whatever it takes to make the guest comfortable. The guest’s hospitality is a major concern in the hotel.

The staff in the hotel should be aware of the impact of the greetings and the words they are using. It is important to remain positive to the guest at all times. Despite the type of guest, the phrases that the staff utters have an impact to the reputation of the hotel. Phrases such as, Hope you are having a great day today, I am sorry, I regret, good morning madam/sir, you are welcome, how can I assist you, build the trust of the guests.

Hospitality Phrases to use while guests checking out from the hotel

When ever any guest is checking out from the hotel always reply with a big smile and try to use We’re Looking Forward To Having You Again As Our Guest and ask the guest who are checking out for a feedback or tripadvisor review and based on the feedback they provide you can always use hospitality phrases like “Please don’t mention it” , “My pleasure.” “You’re most welcome.”or “Glad to be of service.” and always try not to use “Never Mind”. If the guests points out an issue with their stay in the hotel, dont say Let me get my Manager but use “I apologise for not being able to fix this issue, or help with this, but please allow me to get assistance from my supervisor. He/she will be able to resolve this right away. Will that be ok”? Isn’t this a much more palatable way of handling an issue that needs another person’s help?

Thanking the guests is an important aspects and phrase that benefit building up the bond with the guests. Trip advisor hospitality ensures that you utter the most appropriate gratification to the guest. The staff in the hotel should make it a habit to thank the guest. It boosts long-term relationships. At the end of service delivery to is crucial to thank the guests and welcome them again in future. Phrases such as you are welcome again, looking forward to hosting you again in future are crucial. The phrases in the hotel affect interpersonal communication and relations and help build a bond and engagement with the guests.

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