How to Respond to TripAdvisor Negative Reviews

Travelers and Potential Guests look at travel review websites, online travel agencies and tour operator sites before finalizing any trip and TripAdvisor which is the largest travel website in the world is a sure shot touch point for any potential guest who want to go on a holiday . TripAdvisor represents a massive opportunity for marketers who want to connect with prospective customers and provide value and help without spending a huge budget. Responding to TripAdvisor  Negative Reviews with appropriate management response can help in getting more guests in addition to leaving a positive impression about your property.You are not just responding to the guest who wrote it but to the lot of other of people reading that review and your response too, and if you handle criticism well it creates a human element to your business that can instill trust and forgiveness and get more customers in future.

If you are able to register a TripAdvisor Listing, you’ll be able to influence a lot of prospective customers, without having to expend a lot of effort – or spend a lot money.

A Brand is no longer what we tell consumer it in but it is what consumers tell each other it is. TripAdvisor  Reviews is still a grey area for many hotel and resort owners. Many Hotels wonder on how to address negative reviews and create  policies regarding responding to reviews on TripAdvisor. Some Hotels  insist on responding to every review, while some other hotels tells its managers to reply only to the bad and some companies does not respond to any review at all and totally avoid TripAdvisor.
Research shows that TripAdvisor reviews are a huge motivator for booking any hotel and 77% of customers reference online reviews before choosing a hotel or resort and 83% of travelers say that TripAdvisor reviews make them more confident in booking a particular hotel



Responding to any online review in the right way is crucial. It is proven through research that having a negative reviews on TripAdvisor hurts your reputation. An appropriate response to an online review can not only help you to reduce the damage to your reputation by making prospective guests think more highly of you, but also can bridge a stable bridge with the unhappy reviewer and get you some guests as , each guests usually have different requirements. For Eg: A hotel with a pub with lot of music can be a great attraction to youth travelers while the same can be an irritant to senior citizens

Really take a moment before responding to TripAdvisor Negative Reviews

Dont Reach in Panic to TripAdvisor Negative Reviews and do a research. If you get a negative review, dont worry about it and respond immediately. Even the best hotels in the world will have complaints and it is how you deal with these situations that can separate you from the competition and can ensure you more guests in future. Please note that every hotel or resort will get negative feedback from time to time, and to be fair studies have shown that negative reviews will add to credibility and improve conversion by 67% and can give you more revenue.All reviews are valuable, and a large number of positive reviews with some negative reviews helps to improve consumer trust in the opinions they read.

What matters is how you respond to a bad review and when your customers looks at choices like below in TripAdvisor for booking, you would want to be the hotel of choice in any comparison.


User reviews are proven sales drivers for hotels and resorts, and something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase decision and here are some useful tips on How to Respond to TripAdvisor Negative Reviews,

When you put your heart and soul in to giving a guest a nice and pleasant stay, and then three days later their review comes in on TripAdvisor as one out of five rating the experience as poor, and a long list of issues – what do you do?

Decide on Whether to Respond to TripAdvisor Negative Review

TripAdvisor in most cases,does not remove bad reviews. However there are a few specific circumstances under which TripAdvisor will remove a bad review. You should take a look at the review first and determine whether the review in question is eligible for removal, how to make your request, how to respond, and what to do in the meantime.

Report to TripAdvisor about guideline violations

TripAdvisor is very strict about review guidelines and it usually removes the reviews that violates guidelines. If the reviewer has put a review with a hate comment or ALL CAPS or some comment that can be factually incorrect , then if you report the review to TripAdvisor they may remove the review as long as you are able to convince the team.If the review violated guidelines, report it to TripAdvisor and it may most likely be removed

Check for a fake review pattern and a fake attack

If there are too many fake reviews that you have received recently , then in all likelyhood, you may be under a fake review attack and you can let this know to TripAdvisoras it does not verify the reviews and the review may or may not be genuine. You can check the profile of reviewers with negative review and if you see that reviewers have written only negative reviews about your property , then in all likelyhood, it can be a fake attack

Contact Reviewer and request for removal politely.

You can also contact reviewer and can politely request for a removal after hearing his part of the story. However , please note that it is against the terms and spirit of TripAdvisor to provide any discounts or freebies that would not be available to other guests which can also be reported to TripAdvisor and it may result in a TripAdvisor ban for your property.Follow up with the guest using contact information  in email or phone showcasing the corrective action you have taken and this may persuade guests to remove the review.

How to Respond to TripAdvisor negative reviews

Even after doing all these hygiene checks if you find that review is genuine and is as per TripAdvisor Guidelines, then here are some pointers to respond to TripAdvisor negative reviews. Your objective should be two fold to respond to any negative review.

Minimise the damage to your reputation by making other prospective guests think more highly of you and win back the reviewer and other potential guests reading the review as you are responding to win back every person who will ever read the review

Here is how to win back any guest who would have submitted a negative review

Don’t take it personally and attack the reviewer

Write with TripAdvisor’s 400+ million visitors in mind and always consider the facet that Other travelers will read response from hotel and there is likelihood that these guests may book in future. Mistakes and screwups do happen and lot of people


A good TripAdvisor management response with a highlighted apology

review-with-apology will understand this and so it’s important for the hotel to make a good impression.

Thank the guest by name and avoid pre defined templates

The key is to make responding to traveler reviews a habit and to respond to negative as well as positive reviews. This shows travelers that the hotelier cares about guest service and if there are any positive and negative comments that are there as a part of the review, thank them for the positive comments and assure that appropriate action in being taken for negative reviews. This will help to convert more guests.

tripadvisor-negative-reviews-with standard response

A management response with a standard template without addressing the concerned mentioned by the reviewer

Respond as promptly as possible

When reviews do come in, write a thoughtful response as soon as possible after a decision is taken that the review needs a response. This will persuade future guests to book with you.

Apologize , Assure and highlight any changes you made for future guests

If the guest really had a poor experience, then do apologise for guests poor experience. Assure that the same issue may not be repeated for future guests and Highlight any changes you have made or intend to make  in review response. Take the feedback in negative reviews as an opportunity to improve your experience for future guests.


A management response with details of actions taken to eliminate the same issue in fuiture mentioned by the reviewer

Do understand that the basic goal of responding to any of the TripAdvisor negative reviews is to come across as a relaxed, trustworthy and friendly person. It’s a bit like any other debate where both are free to express their demeanor – if one person is angry and aggressive and the other person is friendly, measured and calm, that second person will generally win. The tone of your response is ever so crucial and you should make it graceful , calm and in control.

Here are three more tips for you if you are responding to a negative review.

  1. Dont your business name in your responses, else when people search for your business this review may come up. So don’t write with – “On behalf of the team at EastBay Tours, we would like to…”
  2. Involve one more person while responding to a terrible or poor review. Submit it only if both of you are satisfied with the response
  3. Express appropriate emotion while responding to a seriously negative review and that can bring a humane touch to your business

Negative reviews will come in any service business and do remember that

Travelers are looking for the hotel or resort that will be great for their requirements , not the hotel with the most positive reviews .

Hope you found this useful. Do you have any more tips to tackle TripAdvisor Negative Reviews. Let us know through comments

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