Make Interactive Travel Videos with Youtube Cards

Mastering Youtube is no longer a matter of choice but it is a must for travel marketers

We had been seeing more and more travel videos being created specifically for youtube by brands as well as consumers which is much more engaging and fun than boring TV spots that were uploaded earlier. There had been some epic campaigns like Best Job in the world by Tourism Australia. See the snapshot of that campaign below where More than 330,000 people from 196 countries around the world expressed interest in the six dream jobs in Great Barrier Reef.

This campaign is an example of the reach and potential of youtube where campaigns can be created without spending anything as long as it is able to create an emotional cord through the communication and engagement. However even though one in four business travelers used online video for travel planning way back in 2012 youtube has not been viewed as a performance marketing channel by travel marketers .

However all of these may change with the introduction of youtube cards. Youtube cards are a modern adaptation of the annotations for which you had to work really hard to make it compatible across all devices, especially mobiles. You can choose from six types of youtube cards: Associated Website, Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist and Fan Funding. Here is a snapshot of how cards will look in a video



Here is the objective of each of these types of Youtube cards

Merchandise: promotes your licensed merchandise

Fundraising: links directly to a project on a white-listed fundraising site

Video or Playlist: links to another public YouTube video or playlist. For the latter, if you link to an individual video within a playlist, the card will default to the playlist.

Associated Website: if you have a site or sites associated with you account, you can use this card to link to it or them.

Fan Funding: if you have enabled fan funding for your account, then this card lets your viewers make a contribution directly from the video page.

If you are a travel marketer follow these steps to create a card for one of your videos:

Step 1 – Click on your image at the top left of the screen and select Creator Studio


Step 2  -Head to the Video Manager page and choose one of your videos to edit.


Step 3 – Next, click Cards from the top menu bar.

Step 4 -Click the blue Add card button.


Step 5 -Choose the type of card you’d like to add and click the Create button next to it.


Step 6 -In the dialog box, enter a URL for the site you’d like to point your viewers to or choose a related video to which you’d like to link and then click the Create card button.


Step 7 -Using the slider along the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the start time of the card teaser. A teaser flashes the title of your card next to the static “i” button for a few seconds.


You can add up to five cards to a video. You can edit or delete a card you added by clicking on the pencil icon next to a card in the Cards tab.


One of the advantages with the new youtube cards is that it  work across mobile and desktop and give travel marketer  more flexibility to share what they  want,  replacing  annotations. Eventually the cards should be able to fo do everything annotations can do today, and much more.

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