TripAdvisor Listing – How to register and list your business on TripAdvisor?

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’re either a hotel business owner or a marketing professional in travel industry who understands the importance of online marketing and TripAdvisor and is looking for a TripAdvisor Listing. You are realizing that traditional offline marketing methods like newspaper advertisements , events and exhibitions are becoming both ineffective and costly , and you know that by neglecting to market your hotel online when users are searching in Google, you’re missing out on the cost effective and accurate business results that an effective TripAdvisor marketing strategy can bring about. Whether your hotel or travel business is just getting started with internet marketing or has already tried out online marketing , you just cant ignore TripAdvisor which is the online gateway for any travel query.

TripAdvisor has 260+ million visitors and 22 other travel websites in their portfolio and when you create a listing you will be present in the entire TripAdisor ecosystem which can be a good move to increase your revenue and business.


If you want to connect with customers and travelers from all over the world, and generate unique new opportunities to build your brand and grow your business then the first step is to get listed on TripAdvisor. You should try to take advantage of every tool and service to get the maximum benefits for online visibility, communicating with customers, online reservations, call-in reservations and conversions.

TripAdvisor Listings are FREE and there is no listing cost for listing your business on TripAdvisor

If you have one of the common questions asked by hotel owners from any part of the world – “how do i register my business on tripadvisor?”, Here is a Step by Step guide to list your business on TripAdvisor.

How to List your hotel in TripAdvisor

Step 1 – Go to the TripAdvisor for Business page and choose the kind of business that you own or manage: hotel / accommodation, vacation rental, restaurant or attraction. You will see options to register as a Hotel, a Vacation Rental, a Restaurant or an Attraction. Choose Attraction and proceed.


Step 2 – Enter your business name and other details in the form that appears and then select the city from which your hotel or travel business is operating.


Step 3– Once you enter all the details and submit you will get the below message from TripAdvisor and if everything goes fine your business will appear within 5 days in TripAdvisor.


Step 4- Once you get official communication that your business has been approved for listing in TripAdvisor, you can access your management center page


If a customer has already submitted your listing, you don’t have to register again and you can follow the steps like below.

How to claim your business if you already have a TripAdvisor Listing

Step 1 – Visit TripAdvisor Owners Page and Claim your listing after searching for the name of the listing.


Step 2- Choose the name of your listing and click on Claim Listing and proceed with entering all the details that TripAdvisor is asking for. Please note that we dont have affiliation with any of the properties shown in the image below


If your listing satisfies all the TripAdvisor guidelines, you will get approved and you will get a mail from TripAdvisor team once approved

Once your TripAdvisor listing request is approved , there are many different ways to implement an effective TripAdvisor strategy.There are no “secrets to success.” If you approach TripAdvisor as an online marketing channel for basic hospitality marketing like Facebook or twitter by setting specific goals, marshaling your resources, measuring and reporting performance and adjust where necessary to succeed you will get maximum out of your TripAdvisor Listing. If you do smart work on your TripAdvisor Listing, your chances of increasing your rating and ranking in comparison your competitors will definitely improve.

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